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About Us

Mission: To provide the best possible natural skincare range

About UsSkincare has been an important part of my life for many years. I've always been fascinated by different products and their formulations, but never as much as when I developed acne in my mid twenties. I used my interest in aromatherapy and oils to start making my own cosmetics. As my interest grew, so did my experimentation and my research. I read every article I could find and tried every natural product I came across. Yet I still believed that natural skincare could go further.

My inspiration was the earth and its incredible bounty. The plant life, minerals and natural fragrances encompassed amongst other things beauty, tranquility and regeneration. I wanted to do more than just use beautiful natural ingredients, I wanted to use natural ingredients that were researched and scientifically proven to provide real results. Mignon skincare is the result of this search.

The range was created by working within a framework that is as close to nature as possible, using research (specifically published research) to determine the best available ingredients, to ultimately provide a product that is scientifically tested to work for the skin.