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Concerns: Buying Skincare Online

We know that many people prefer to see a product before they buy it, so we would like to explain why we use the internet as our shop window, and how we hope to make our prospective customers comfortable in making their first purchase sight unseen.

Why has Mignon Skincare chosen the internet as its main outlet?

Our principal reason for selling online is the price saving that we are able to pass on to the customer. Some retailers that we have approached look to retain as much as 60% of the retail price of the products. As we use only the highest quality ingredients, and all of the products are handmade, this would mean we would have to increase our prices dramatically in order to cover our costs. This is not compatible with our aim of creating a premium product that is available to as many people as possible.

Another key reason for using the internet as our main distribution channel is that it allows us to have an on-going, direct, dialogue with our clients. Many of you email or contact us by telephone and this enables us to provide detailed, personally tailored, advice. We worry that if we outsource our sales to others you might not get the same level of service.

Other potential outlets

Some of our clients have suggested that we consider independent pharmacies as a possible outlet. If you would like to see Mignon products stocked in your local pharmacy, please ask them to contact us. We will be delighted to speak with them and ensure that they receive the appropriate training and support that is required to represent the Mignon Skincare Range.

Travel Sizes

In order to enable you to try the products without having to purchase the full sized version, we have introduced a travel range. It includes many of our most popular items and enables you to find the products that suit you best. The travel sizes should last about three weeks, enough time to give you an idea of how they will work for you. We generally suggest that the products will take up to 12 weeks to get the skin functioning optimally, but many people see results much more quickly. For less than the price of a full sized toner, you can get a travel-sized cleanser, toner and moisturiser to try. The travel sizes also come in dropper bottles, useful to first time users as the products are very concentrated.

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