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What Products Should You Use

As all of our products are anti-ageing, have a look at our What Products to Choose: Quick Reference Guide to find products appropriate for your skin type.

If you have any concerns or are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Your skin will probably start to show some signs of ageing in your early to mid twenties. It can be caused by a number of factors including gravity, expression lines, exposure to the elements, especially the sun, and tissue damage that has occurred over a number of years.

Your genes do affect how you age, with darker and thicker skins ageing better (provided they are properly cared for) than fairer and thinner skins.

Factors that can assist in preventing ageing are a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, sufficient, but not excessive aerobic exercise, plenty of sleep to assist in regeneration, management of stress and of course a good skin care regime.

Mignon Skincare approaches anti-ageing from a number of different angles:

1stly the avoidance of inflammation:

Inflammation leads to micro-scarring that ultimately causes ageing. It is essential therefore that we deal with the skin in a very gentle fashion: cleansers should not be too harsh and products should be able to be adjusted according to the user’s requirements (eg in the case of our toners - the amount used is gradually built up over time, so that the benefits are received without adverse reaction from the skin). Harsh exfoliators and abrasive products are avoided.

2ndly Protection:

Protecting the skin from external factors such as pollution, sun damage and dehydration is important, as these factors cause inflammation and other damage to the skin tissue which leads to ageing.

3rdly Regeneration:

Regeneration through nutrients:
Assisting the body’s healing processes, by providing nutrients and co-factors that may be lacking in order to assist with the regeneration of cells. The skin, hair and nails are the last in the body’s “pecking order” to receive valuable nutrient resources, therefore the skin may need a helping hand to supplement that which is not reaching the skin from within.

Natural Regeneration through the most advantageous form of exfoliation:

Finally and most importantly, we work with the body’s natural processes to optimise skin condition, via the natural stimulation of collagen & elastin and help reduce the visible effects of ageing.

How do we achieve this?

As we get older our skin cell turnover rate slows down. A young person’s skin cells renew completely approximately every 28-30 days. As we age this process becomes more sluggish and can take as long as 60 days, with the skin’s surface layers comprising many dead and damaged cells.

As new cells grow, collagen and elastin are stimulated, but because the rate of cell renewal slows, stimulation occurs less often. (Collagen and elastin are the components of our skin that keep it plump and elastic). In addition the skin cells that are past their prime continue to remain on the surface of our skin, emphasising wrinkles.

Mignon Skincare uses fruit acid based toners to exfoliate these dead and damaged cells by dissolving the substance between the cells that prevent dead surface cells falling off naturally. They are designed for different skin types and are formulated to allow a gradual increase in strength and are thus suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

The removal of these cells provides many benefits:

  • Exfoliate dead cells – leaving you with a cleaner clearer complexion
  • Stimulates the basal layer into producing new cells, thus stimulating collagen & elastin
  • Increases the rate of turnover of damaged cells
  • Actually reduce the signs of ageing, because old wrinkled skin cells are removed
  • Helps hasten the removal of pigmentation or discolouration.

What Products Should You Use

As all of our products are anti-ageing, have a look at our What Products to Choose: Quick Reference Guide to find products appropriate for your skin type.