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Combination Skin tending to Oiliness / Problem Skin that is Combination

Please note that these are guidelines only. Everybody's skin is different, and these are suggestions for you to try in order to find the perfect solution tailored to YOUR skin.



  • To remove any dead and damaged skin cells, in order to maintain optimal cell turnover rates and stimulate collagen and elastin,
  • to avoid and clear any blemishes
  • to balance oil production,
  • and maintain a healthy pH level for your skin.

This is all achieved in the most effective and gentle way. Our toners are given their name due to the stage they occupy in the cleanse, tone, moisturise routine, but are in fact incredibly effective exfoliators. Unlike traditional abrasive exfoliators, ours require only to be wiped across the face, and this alone will target all dead and damaged cells. More traditional exfoliation methods require a fair amount of abrasive activity and whilst they are not nearly as effective, they can damage good skin cells.
Those with problem skins can also apply a drop of undiluted toner directly to spots in the morning and evening. If there is any discomfort, rinse off immediately.

We highly recommend starting with the AHA Toner: Combination Skin, Some may find they need something a little stronger and graduate to the AHA Toner: Oily & Problem Skin.

You can use any of the moisturisers

Protective Day Cream
Nourish & Repair Night Cream
Cell Repair & Renewal Cream (can be used day & night) this cream can be used as your normal moisturiser or can be used as a one-off if your skin requires a bit of a boost after an outdoor holiday.

If your skin is very sensitive, try the Men's Aftershave Balm, very popular with both men and women with sensitive or problem skin, as a Day Cream. For men who shave we recommend the Men's Aftershave Balm

For those whose skin is oily, whether throughout or in places, I recommend the application of moisturiser to damp skin. Simply avoid drying your skin after cleansing and toning, or wet it slightly after toning. Apply the moisturiser to your damp skin. You will use less moisturiser initially, but once the skin has dried you can add moisturiser only to those areas that are dry, thereby avoiding the creation of a "greasy skin" sensation in oilier areas.

Plant Serum is only suitable for the eye area for oilier skins. It can also be used on the chest or added to a plain aqueous cream and used all over the body. It also helps prevent scarring, if applied early enough.

Skin Food
This product is highly recommended for all skin types, as it provides the skin with everything it needs to function optimally.

The Blemish Defying Cream is a product that is suggested as an add-on to the Toner. It is advisable to see how you get on with the toner first, as some skins will clear up using only the toner. Others will find the combination of the products helpful.