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At Mignon Skincare we see exfoliation as one of the most important requirements in skincare. It is fundamental in dealing with a number of concerns including anti-ageing, blemished skin and dry skin.

As we get older our skin cell turnover rate slows down. A young person's skin cells renew completely approximately every 28-30 days. As we age this process becomes more sluggish and can take as long as 60 days, with the skin's surface layers comprising many dead and damaged cells.
How does removing these dead and damaged cells help with anti-ageing, blemished skins and dry skins?

As new cells grow, collagen and elastin are stimulated, but because the rate of cell renewal slows, stimulation occurs less often. (Collagen and elastin are the components of our skin that keep it plump and elastic). In addition the skin cells that are past their prime continue to remain on the surface of our skin, emphasising wrinkles.

Blemished skins
Gentle removal of dead and damaged skin cells including blemished cells removes blockages that may cause more infections and allows for regeneration. Mignon Toners are key in our approach to dealing with problem skin.
Dry Skin
It is essential to remove dead & damaged cells in order to enable natural oils to reach the surface of the skin again. A smooth surface also enables moisturisers to adhere better.

Traditional methods of exfoliation
This is also known as mechanical exfoliation and includes facial scrubs with granules that are rubbed against the skin to remove cells. Unfortunately the abrasive quality of some products can actually cause damage to good skin cells, whilst failing to remove the originally damaged cells effectively. Mechanical exfoliation is not advised for skins that are sensitive, fragile, fair or acne prone.

Mignon methods of exfoliation
We use natural fruit acid based toners to exfoliate these dead and damaged cells by dissolving the substance between the cells that prevent dead surface cells falling off naturally. This is a very gentle procedure that requires a cotton pad to be wiped across the face. The toners are designed for different skin types and are formulated to allow a gradual increase in strength and are thus suitable for even the most sensitive skins. They only target dead and damaged cells, and leave healthy cells completely intact.