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Sensitive Skin

What Products Should You Use

It is important to use products that are appropriate to your skin type, have a look at our What Products to Choose: Quick Reference Guide to find products suitable for you. Introduce as advised here.

If you have any concerns or are unsure, please donít hesitate to contact us.
Introduction of New Products

We advise people with skin sensitivities to introduce ANY new products in the following way:

  1. only ever effect one change at a time. In other words donít decide ďon Monday I am going to start a detox diet, change my skincare products and start exercisingĒ.
  2. Start with one product at a time. This way if there are any bad reactions, you can clearly identify the cause.
  3. Apply a tiny amount of the product (the size of a small match head) to pulse points on your wrists and behind your ears, so as to afford the body an unpressurised opportunity to analyse the complexity of the product at its leisure without concern over the high concentration applied. Do this for 3 consecutive days, slightly increasing the amount each time. If you have no reactions, start using the product as suggested in the Directions for Use. If you do experience inflammation, stop applications immediately for a few days and resume at the match-head quantities for a longer period.
  4. After a week without incident, introduce the next product in the same way.
All of our products are created so that they can be adjusted to suit individual users. Some people may use slightly more and others less. Just remember ALL of our products are concentrated and therefore only a small amount is required.

What products should you use?

Look at What Products to Choose: Quick Reference Guide to find products appropriate for your skin type and introduce in the manner suggested above. It may take a while, but itís well worth it if it means avoid a reaction.