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Sun Protection

Recommended Products:

Protective Day Cream
This provides the highest natural sun protection of all our moisturisers. It is often used by people who have reactions to "normal" facial sunscreens

Skin Food
This helps in providing the skin with the ingredients to produce Melanin, our body's sun defense

Sun hats and sun glasses

Avoid the sun when the UV index is high
At Mignon Skincare we do not use SPF ratings. SPF ratings apply only to UV-B rays, and not UV-A rays. UV-A rays are much more deeply penetrating and are known to cause serious skin cancers including melanoma and are responsible for photo-ageing. By blocking UV-B rays, we don’t burn, and therefore there is no apparent reason to protect the skin and more exposure to dangerous UV-A rays result.

Instead we say that broad spectrum UV protection is light, moderate or high.

The Protective Day Cream provides a moderate sun protection, and the Men’s Aftershave Balm, Healing & Calming Balm and Cell Repair & Renewal Cream provide a light sun protection.

Sunscreen Ingredients:

We avoid any synthetic or proprietary “chemical” sunscreens. These are the subject of great debate and there are suggestions that certain sunscreen ingredients are absorbed into the skin and cause cancers. There is also research that links the use of UV-B or conventional sunscreens to increased malignant Melanoma, as there is little or no protection against the more seriously damaging UV-A rays.

Sunscreen ingredients that we use include:

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. These are the only two natural UV-A sunscreens that are FDA approved. As the ingredients we use are not in the potentially hazardous nanoparticle size range, they are not absorbed by the skin and act by simply refracting or scattering the UV light away from protected areas.

Nutritional Para-amino benzoic acid (PABA) (as opposed to synthetic PABA esters), stabilised with antioxidants including green tea. This is also approved by the FDA as a natural UV-B sunscreen. PABA occurs as a precursor of folic acid in green leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes , whole-grains, orange juice, molasses and yeast. It has a number of nutritional benefits in addition to being used as a topical sunscreen. It has been known to cause skin irritation and sensitivities in some individuals, most especially when it is used on its own for sun defence and it is not formulated with the right kind of antioxidants such as green tea extracts. PABA supplements may react with certain medications (sulfonylureas, sulfonamides, thiazides and parapheneneldiamine). As a result synthetic PABA esters were often used topically in an attempt to avoid these theoretical problems, unfortunately reducing their previous excellent safety profile, and making PABA generally seen as a contentious ingredient, when in reality no such problems exist.

Vitamin E this works especially well in conjunction with PABA.

Sesame Oil is an excellent antioxidant and is highly refractive, has skin carcinoma-inhibiting properties.

Tannic Acid is an effective UV absorber and antioxidant, has skin carcinoma-inhibiting properties.

Green Tea anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, has excellent skin carcinoma-inhibiting properties.
Additional Sun Protection Measures
  • do avoid the sun when the UV index is high
  • wear sun hats and sun glasses when going into the sun
  • provide your skin with the nutrients to help with melanin production, the body's natural sun defense. See Skin Food in this regard.