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Read what some of our clients have to say about the range:

Vivien Pomeroy, Makeup Artist

Testimonials“My name is Vivien Pomeroy, I’m a professional make up artist at a well known beauty emporium (in Dublin). Growing up I always had problems with my skin. Being in the beauty industry, I’ve tried a lot of different brands. A few months ago I was recommended Mignon. Since then my skin has cleared up and I rarely get spots. If your skin is spot prone I recommend the cleanser and toner for Oily & Problem Skin and the Blemish Defying Cream for the more problem areas”

James Granstrom, Professional Model

“I have a demanding lifestyle, I’m constantly on the move, flying to different countries for shoots and shows. When I’m not on assignments I unwind by skydiving, snowboarding climbing, surfing… anything that is outdoors and physically demanding. I am very particular about my diet, my food has to be fresh, healthy and nutritional. I have the same high standards for my skin care, and use the Mignon range (cleanser, toner, hydrating mist and Men’s Aftershave Balm) to maintain my skin’s condition. I enjoy the range so much that I even take my own products to shoots with me!”

Sophia Constantopoulos, Pharmacist

“From a very young age it became apparent to me that I was cursed with an oily complexion and very large pores. Acne seemed to flourish on my adolescent skin. The condition of my skin embarrassed me and I shied away from any unnecessary attention. I used product after product and still could not see any improvement. It became so bad that at the tender age of 25 I was put on Roaccutane, an extremely toxic drug but one that did wonders for my acne. At the end of my very successful course I was looking for a product that would 100% maintain my brand new skin, and that’s when I discovered the amazing Mignon Skincare range. I have been a devoted fan of Mignon for 3 years now and if there’s one item I would never leave home without its the amazing AHA Toner for Oily & Problem Skin. Fantastic work Mignon...thanks to you that shy wallflower has never returned!”

Michael Quinn, Retired Businessman

"I've been using Mignon Aftershave Balm for more than 18 months. Within a six weeks of daily use I was complimented on the condition of my skin. Never before had anybody ever commented on my skin!

Every year I suffer from periods of dry skin and periods of a "burning sensation" when out in cold or windy conditions. Since using Mignon Aftershave Balm I've not experienced this life-long issue that I thought was just a result of having fair skin.

Mignon Aftershave Balm is also economical as very little is needed each day. I'm now hooked on it."

Deidre McNally, Psychologist

“I cannot recommend Mignon’s products highly enough. Having had troublesome skin in my early twenties, I took a course of strong medication (high dosage of Vitamin A), after which my skin improved considerably. However, when a mild form of acne returned in my late twenties, I was reluctant to take another course of the medication, due to side effects. Instead, I consulted with Mignon, who advised me to try her products for dry skin. (Having spent years stripping my skin with astringents, it transpired that my skin had become dry, and not oily as I had believed.) Since I have started on the cleanser-toner-moisturiser routine, my skin has improved greatly. I discarded a medical prescription, and instead use Mignon’s products in a routine way every day. For anyone considering medication for the treatment of acne, it is worth considering these products as a first step. The fact that they are made from entirely natural products (such as fruit acids) is a further reassuring feature, which means no damage to your skin, unlike the effects of chemical astringents. It’s worth a try – it worked for me!”

Charlotte Noon, Software PR and mother

"I used to think the only way to get rid of pimples was to dry my skin out. So I would regularly go to bed having washed my face with soap (and nothing else!), or even without removing make-up altogether. I did try some three-step systems, but didn't really see any significant changes, so I quickly reverted to not really bothering. But I have seen improvements with Mignon. I now use the face wash, toner and day cream/night cream twice daily and my skin is positively glowing! I rarely get pimples (if only I'd known that moisturisers don't cause congestion!) and when I do, I zap on a bit of toner with a cotton bud and it practically vanishes over night! I can honestly recommend this range as the best I've tried!"

Elaine Blair, Customer Services Adviser (43)

“what a fantastic service! I am absolutely delighted with my products! I have to say that this is the very first time I have been so delighted with a set of products! Usually only one item seems to agree with me but this time all of the products seem to work in tandem and all do exactly what they claim to do! I had a huge pustule on my forehead and since I started to use your products this has calmed down and is now on it's way out! Usually I am left with a noticeable scar but this is not the case and now my skin actually looks better than it ever has! My skin is also not flaky, dry, tight or uncomfortable in any way - it now has a glow about it that I have never known! Thank you so much for creating such a remarkable product!!I said in my earlier email that I have indeed spent thousands of pounds over the last twenty years in my search for a product that would contain my acne without stripping my sensitive skin. This I have not found until now, and my search is at an end - you now have a customer for life!!”

Gail Hall, Marketing Manager - IT

“I read about you and your skincare range in a magazine a few months ago and ordered your AHA toner for combination skin and cleanser. I am in my 40s and have always had good skin, but in the last year or so I have suffered from lumpy spots around my chin and on my forehead. My normal regime just wouldn't get rid of them. In just a few days after using your products, my skin cleared up. Amazing..”

Claire Pocock

“I just wanted to let you know that I have had problem skin since my mid 20's, I'm now 34 and your products are the first that I've tried that have consistently kept my acne at bay. I was particularly pleased when on a recent trip to a very hot climate, my skin behaved brilliantly, normally the combination of flying and humidity wrecks havoc, but not this time.”

Jane Baldwin, Family Liaison Officer

“Within 2 days my skin looked dramatically different. It has now been just over a week and I have no spots or broken skin what so ever. I do still have a few darks patches were I had spots but they are fading fast. I have used many products in the past and probably would have continued throwing money down the drain on every new 'wonder' cure, if I had not seen your editorial .... Just to say thank you really, you have been a life saver!!”

Anne Scott, Nurse (31)

“I wanted to E-mail & let you know how much I love your products. I've suffered from problem skin since I was a teenager (I am now 31); this cleared up with the contraceptive pill. Since coming off the pill to try starting for a family my problem skin has come back with a vengeance, along with all the feelings that I had as a spotty teenager; except the spots seemed to be larger & more painful, especially on my neck. My husband has found me on many occasions in floods of tears over the state of my skin, I was making excuses not go out of the house & have even taken days off work because I couldn't face going out in public, feeling very self conscious that everyone was focusing on the huge boil that I had!

I have spent a small fortune on so called miracle lotions, potions, dietary supplements concealers and foundations to cover them up, as well as several different skin care regimes (including the very expensive celebrity skin care regime Crème de la Mer!). I would have probably continued to spend a fortune on products if I too had not read about your experiences & products in Eve magazine last year. I too did nothing about ordering as I'd just bought yet another new skincare regime which didn’t work, in fact it seemed to make the spots & blotchiness worse. So in February after speaking to you on the phone I ordered your Gentle Face Wash Cleanser and AHA toner for Combination skin. As someone with very sensitive skin I was very nervous about trying yet another new product, but was so desperate for a “cure” I would try anything. Within a couple of weeks I could see a significant improvement in my skin. My skin even behaves at work, as a nurse working in a stuffy, hot, unventilated hospital my skin was always dry & blotchy – not now. I have been using the Cleanser & Toner for about 7-8 weeks & yes I do still get the occasional spot; (particularly hormonal & stress breakouts!); but not to the extent as before & the Blemish Defying Cream zaps them within 2-3 days. I have just ordered the Protective Day Cream & the Nourish & Repair Night Cream, as well as the Cell Repair & Renewal Cream to give my skin as “boost”. I love your products so much I have also ordered the eye serum & exfoliator! My husband has even started using your products & although he won't admit it; I think he too loves the products as much as I do!

At last a skin care regime that I love using & I especially love the results – Thank you from me & Thank you from my husband who has got his confident fun-loving wife back!”

Ngozi Egesimba, Software Analyst

“.. just a quick update on how I'm getting on with the products I ordered.

One word to describe the whole experience and effect till date is "Miracle!!!!!” I have used Clinique three steps for over three years and have never experienced the same effect as I am now with your products. This is definitely an 8 weeks testimony worth giving. I started receiving compliments from week one but I didn't want to get too excited at this stage. However, after 8 weeks of use, I really cannot hide the excitement and relief that I feel at noticing such a huge difference. I rarely get acne spots which I've been suffering from for over a year now. The marks left by previous spots are also gradually fading away. To be honest, I never thought I would come across a product that would give me the results that I needed in such a short time frame. But I did with Mignon…”

Lisa Griffiths, Homeopath

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful skincare range. It is simply awesome. Since using it, I've had many folk looking at me quizzically, asking me what I've been doing to be looking so radiant or trying to figure out what's different.... I'm sure you know how delightful that is after years of bad to indifferent skin. It's taken years off me!I'm going to introduce my hubby to it next, and often recommend your website to any patients of mine who are suffering with problem skin.

Jennifer Harty, Make Up Artist

As an acne sufferer I’m dedicated to Mignon Skincare. No product range has cleared my skin as quickly – so much so I recommend them for use on all the actors I work with!

Pamela Bown

I just wanted to thank you, my skin has improved so much. Winter is always a particularly bad time for me. But, so far, I've not had to go to my Doctor's with Rosacea around my nose. It must be the first winter in about five years that I've not had to have antibiotics - hooray. So I would like to commend you on your marvellous skincare products.

Gwyneth Hardy Director/ Producer Television Production Company

So, it's now a year since I started using Mignon Skin Care. You never promised me an instant cure, quite the reverse in fact, you said it would take time and it did, BUT, I noticed a subtle and very pleasant change in my skin's condition after only a week. After a year I'm totally addicted and can't go anywhere without my black and white bottles of clear skin magic. BM (before Mignon) I was weary and wary of adverts and promises from cosmetic companies claiming all sorts of miracle cures.They had never worked, but when I saw your editorial in Eve magazine something about the honesty of your story struck a chord. What I couldn't quite believe first off was that I seemed to be getting a personal recipe, not a standard response and that's exactly what it turned out to be, and what an amazing, bespoke service you provide. I spread the good Mignon word whenever anyone will listen and when people remark on my skin, which they now do. Thank you seems totally inadequate.

Charlotte Parry

“I am loving them!I have noticed a real difference in my skin, I have since ordered more products to complement the toner. It is a revelation to actually find a product that does what it says, my acne if far less pronounced than it was and when I get a spot, it goes very quickly and is not nearly as red as it used to be! Many, many thanks.”

Susan Swaby

"Just to say I love the products they have really made a huge difference to my skin. Old scars are nearly gone and I wear a lot less makeup now. Still get the odd hormonal spot but the toner clears it more quickly. Recommended your products to my sister who is also really impressed by them."


Inji Duducu

Huge improvement in my acne - thanks!”

Karen Parker

“…I've been really happy with your products. Particularly the nourish and repair night cream which I received in my last order. I've always been resistant to the idea of creams with my oily skin but it does make a huge difference. I wish I had discovered your products earlier as it would have saved me from some of the hyperpigmentation and scarring that I have now.”

Lana Coles

“The toner has basically turned my whole life and skin around. Having had blemished skin since my early teenage years I've tried everything under the sun to clear my complexion. I'm in my mid fifties now and still have blemished skin, although to a lesser degree. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I noticed a difference in my skin from day one. I realised how clogged up my skin was even though I used an exfoliator regularly. With regular use, the clarity of my skin has improved, the blackheads disappeared and now I only get the occasional spot and can go around with no make up on. What bliss! “

Gillian Brown

“Your skin products changed my life - I rarely have a spot any more. I take every opportunity to recommend your products. Can't thank you enough.”

Verena Evans

“…I have to say that my skin has only been better once and that was during the last time that I used Mignon! I only stopped the last time because we moved to Germany and I thought I'd try out **… But * was unable to control the breakouts that my skin has due to hormone changes and I am so glad to have it all under control with Mignon. I love your products …”

Gill Bibby

"I really like your products and my skin is a lot clearer now, although I still have to put up with the oily skin and odd spot which breaks out which I have to live with.  The toner is a god send though and tackles them quite quickly.  I tried the skin polish you sent me and I really like it so it will be a treat for my skin."

Lesley Leppard

“..I am very happy with all the products and wonder how on earth I managed without them!

I have always been perfectly happy with the products, containers, information provided and the service which is of a very high standard and professional. Everything is always packaged beautifully and arrives promptly following placing an order.”

Lynne Roberts

"I would just like to say that I love your products. I started using the toner a few years ago when I read an article in Eve magazine. I've always had very oily skin. Many products are designed for younger skin and I have found them too harsh. I am now 41 and my skin looks much better than it did when I was in my 20's!

I have introduced other friends to your range who have also said they will never stop using the toner.

Having recently purchased the Skin Food, I love it! Within a couple of days, my skin looked much plumper and radiant. I also prefer the new sample of Blemish Cream. The consistency is much better and it has worked very well on a couple of stubborn blemishes.

Thank you for creating the range... I think it's fab!

May I also add that I think your service is impeccable; friendly, prompt and personal."