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Why Choose Mignon Skincare?

Mignon Skincare is not about selling the most products or following the latest hype. Our aim is to provide the best and safest natural skincare solutions.

The current obsession with "all-natural" products has spiralled out of control. Yes it has a good starting point, namely the desire to use safe natural products. However, the “demonisation” of safe ingredients, their replacement with inferior alternatives in pursuit of “organic” status, and the illusion that “natural” equates to “safe”, is a recipe for skincare disaster.

The Plant Kingdom contains a plethora of species toxic to humans. Reactions needn’t be as extreme as contact dermatitis. More commonly, inappropriate ingredients may slowly cause irrevocable damage to the skin.

At Mignon, we believe that a return to basic principles is crucial. Using research and formulations based on data that is well established, published in scientific journals and peer reviewed, rather than carelessly following the latest trend is the only way to truly achieve safe natural products.