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General Questions

How do you define natural?

The word natural as used in skincare is very difficult to define. Almost every ingredient derived from a natural source needs to be processed in some way before it is used as an ingredient. Examples are the extraction of essential oils from plants, the pressing of seeds and nuts to obtain oils, steeping parts of plants to obtain decoctions, drying ingredients and grinding them to powders, removing impurities etc. Perhaps the question should really be: to what extent is processing allowed before something is no longer natural? Some ingredients are actually only a part of the natural source e.g. allantoin is derived from the comfrey plant. As a whole, it has been suggested that that this plant is not safe, but that part of it is exceptionally beneficial. Is this really very different from deriving the essential oil from a plant? All that we are taking is an absolutely miniscule part of it, that doesn't really resemble the origins at all. As we have said before our guidelines are to work as closely as possible to the framework of nature, whilst using the research and advancements that science has been able to offer.

What are antioxidants?

In order to understand antioxidants you need to understand very generally what free radicals are. Free radicals are damaged cells that attempt to heal themselves by stealing from healthy cells, in turn damaging these cells and causing a domino effect or a free radical chain reaction. What causes them? Normal bodily processes, smoking, air pollution or sunlight. Whatever their cause, they are extremely treacherous. They have been linked to many health issues and for our purposes they are dreadful in terms of what they do to the skin, ultimately resulting in wrinkles and ageing. Antioxidants are the antidote, provided they are used correctly. They include certain vitamins, amino acids and other natural substances and are said to not only neutralize free radicals, but they are even able to reverse some of the damage caused. Because of their extreme importance we include antioxidants in every product! In addition to helping protect our skin from ageing, they are also able to assist in preserving products that include natural oils.

Products seem slightly different from the last time I ordered. Why is that?

The products may differ slightly in colour, smell and sometimes the consistency may even change a little. This is essentially because the products are made with natural ingredients. Crops differ from region to region, from field to field and even from season to season. Think of oranges or tomatoes you may eat in Spain or the rest of Europe versus the same at home. Some seasons may have a lot of rain, whilst others may be very dry - causing very different resulting ingredients. In addition differences may be seen if different versions of the same ingredient are used eg liquid versus a powdered version. Thus no two batches will be identical. Of course this could be remedied if we used specific colourants and fragrances, which we don't. They will however perform just as well!