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Cleansing is the vital 1st step, removing grime and the residue of creams that are now depleted.


Mignon toners are not typical toners. They are called toners because they occupy the 2nd step of the skin care regime. They are in fact excellent exfoliators, & exfoliating is important when dealing with spots, acne, oily skin, dry skin or anti aging


Rather than having a thousand and one moisturisers, we have formulated a range that will deliver everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn�t. Naturally.


These might be your essentials ...


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Anti-ageing award winners, these are not typical toners. Their main purpose is exfoliation and they are excellent for Dry Skin, Acne, Spots and Anti-Ageing
Skin Food

Skin Food 25ml

Special Offer
Skin food provides a rich cocktail of nutrients, minerals, amino acids, sterols and essential oils that are designed to ...
Price: £20.00 £25.00
Plant Serum

Plant Serum 25ml

Created for the delicate skin around the eyes, it is perfect for the neck and chest too. It can also be used as a treat...
Price: £21.00