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AHA Toner: Dry Skin

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Dry Skin? Sensitive Skin? Spots or acne too? This product is perfect for you.
The key to getting rid of dry skin is exfoliation. However traditional abrasive exfoliators can aggravate sensitive skin, are not always effective and can even damage healthy skin.
Mignon toners are non-abrasive exfoliators that are specifically designed to allow you to adjust the strength of the product, so even if you have sensitive skin, you can get rid of dryness.

How do they work?
Fruit acids dissolve the substance between the cells that prevent them falling off naturally. A few drops of toner are applied to a dampened cotton wool pad and wiped across the face. This is a very gentle, but incredibly effective form of exfoliation. The toners are formulated to allow a gradual increase in strength, so they are suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

How can the AHA Toner: Dry Skin benefit you?

Anti aging: Antioxidant fruit acids, plant extracts and essential oils combine to

  • exfoliate dead cells
  • increase cell turnover and regeneration
  • stimulate collagen and elastin
  • neutralise free radicals

Improves Moisturisation: Removal of the dead skin build up, or cellular debris improves skin texture. The smoother skin in turn can boost the effectiveness, absorption, and adhesion of your moisturiser. To support the moisturising effect of the AHAs, are a combination of natural emollients, plant extracts and softening essential oils.

Balances Oil Secretion:  Removal of dead skin cells allows normal oil production to resume.

Clear Skin: removing damaged skin cells helps clear existing spots quickly and prevents blocked pores that can result in spots.

Soothes: A mix of natural anti-inflammatories ensures a soothing, calming toner.

Maintains the skinís pH: The skin has a level of acidity of about pH 4 to 5.5. In addition to helping protect skin from "the elements" (such as wind or pollutants), this ďacid mantleĒ as it is known inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Loss of acidity causes the skin becomes more prone to damage and infection. Over washing or using cleansers that are too strong can result in the loss of the acid mantle.

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Caution: The removal of surface cellular debris may render the skin more vulnerable to UV light. An appropriate sunscreen should therefore be used in conjunction with this product.

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Ingredients attributed to each benefit

Anti-ageing: Apple Acid, Citrus Acid, Grape Acid, Lactic Acid, Vitamin C, Kombucha, Green Tea, Thyme, Beta Glycan, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Rosemary

Improves Moisturisation: Allantoin, Seaweed, Beta Glycan, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba, Vegetable Glycerine and Ylang Ylang

Balances Oil Secretion:  Essential Oils of Lavender, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang 

Soothes: Allantoin, Seaweed, German Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Rose Geranium, Green Tea, Kombucha, Witch Hazel, Beta Glycan, Hyaluronic Acid, Ylang Ylang, Polygonum

Maintains the skinís pH: Fruit Acids


Aqua (water), ecklonia maxima (seaweed), camelia sinensis (green tea), urtica dioica extract (stinging nettle), polygonum aviculare (polygonum), hamamelis virginiana distillate (witch hazel), centella asiatica (centella), malic acid (from apples), tartaric acid (from grapes), citric acid (from citrus fruits), ascorbic acid (vit c), allantoin (comfrey extract), glycerin (vegetable glycerine), kombucha medusomyces gisevii lindau (kombucha), lactic acid (from milk), jojoba esters (jojoba), lavandula augustifolia oil (lavender), rosmarinus officinalis oil (rosemary), pelargonium capitatum oil (rose geranium), cananga odorata oil (ylang ylang), citrus medica limonum oil (lemon), rose gallica &/or damascena distillate (rose), chamomilla recutita oil (german chamomile), thymus vulgaris extract (thyme), cas 7440-22-4 (colloidal silver).
AHA Toner: Dry Skin
Products that work with the toner:
Cleansers: Make Up Removing Milk or Rich Cleansing Cream
Moisturisers: Cell Repair & Renewal Cream for a more substantial cream
or Men's Aftershave Balm for more sensitive skins