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These might be your essentials ...

Skin Food

Skin food provides a rich cocktail of nutrients, minerals, amino acids, sterols and essential oils that are designed to give the skin everything that it needs to function optimally.

Plant Serum

Plant Serum was developed for the delicate skin around the eyes & is perfect for the neck and chest too. It can also be used as an occasional regenerative booster for the whole face.

Blemish Defying Cream

It is a lightly concealing cream that soothes and sterilises affected areas, encouraging the removal of affected cells and stimulating cell replacement.

Gentle Face Polisher

An extra gentle polisher that utilises unique crystals found in river and sea beds to remove any dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. It softens and refines without being abrasive and is suitable for all skin types.

Fruit Acid Concentrate

This product helps you to stimulate the collagen and elastin in your skin in order to help improve the appearance of wrinkles.