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These award-winning toners form the cornerstone of our range and their main purpose is exfoliating the skin. Their unique blend of fruit acids (AHAs), essential oils and herbal extracts combine to assist in achieving the following benefits:
  • clearer, smoother skin
  • anti aging by stimulating collagen and elastin naturally
  • balancing oil production
  • allowing moisturisers to adhere better
  • continuing the cleansing process
  • restoring the pH level of your skin after cleansing AND
  • providing antioxidants.
They are therefore of great benefit to those who want to deal with spots or acne, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles or just want an anti aging skin care regime.
The reason we suggest this method of exfoliating rather than the traditional approach, is that using exfoliating scrubs can be quite abrasive and damaging. Exfoliating using facial scrubs is not recommended to people who have sensitive, fragile or acne-prone skin. Mignon toners on the other hand are not abrasive. They target only dead or damaged cells, leaving healthy cells intact. They work by dissolving the substance between the cells that prevent the dead cells falling off naturally. A few drops of toner are applied to a dampened cotton pad and wiped across the face. This is a very gentle, but incredibly effective form of exfoliation.

The toners are designed for different skin types, including Oily and Problem Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin and Mature Skin. They are formulated to allow a gradual increase in strength, so they are suitable for even the most sensitive skins.
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Caution: The removal of dead and damaged cells may render the skin more vulnerable to UV light. An appropriate sunscreen should therefore be used in conjunction with this product.